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Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) Block level Distributor
"SEVIKA JANASEVANA KENDRAM" is in the process of expanding the Distribution net work Block wise called Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) across the State to avail and reach our products & Services to all through VLSO and SFA. Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) VLSO and SFA can get solution& Support for their requirements in their area. Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) is a Solution and Support giving platform for VLSO and SFA for A to Z Products & Services online and offline. SEVIKA JANASEVANA KENDRAM introduces through Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) a unique set of business activities for the first time in Kerala.

Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) will be equipped with Office space, Computer with internet connection, Printer, Scanner and manpower to give and take solutions, Support and coordination for VLSO and SFA.

Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) is the place to get support, solution and coordination for above of village, panchayath level requirements and other services. BLSO's work area will be in their block and Taluk area. BLSO will have minimum VLSOs & SFAs under them depends on how many Panchayth/ Muncipality is available in their block area

Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) should manage and co-ordinate an efficient field team (SFAs) under each Village Level Sevika Office (VLSO) that brings business and revenue to all Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO)

Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) is a highly remunerative proposition with professional and feasible marketing strategy and most advanced online and offline technology

Responsibilities for Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO)
Find out suitable person to run VLSO in their respected area (Village/ Panchayath Level)
Help VLSOs to find out good candidate who can work as SFA under each VLSOs
Arrangement / Support for first meeting of interested candidates under in each VLSOs
Create awareness about Sevika's Services in public with support of VLSO , SFA (the agent who works in a ward/division level under each VLSO) DLSO and Sevika Janasevana Kendram
Act as an effective link between Sevika Janasevana Kendram, DLSO, VLSO, Sevika Field Advisor and the public by providing prompt services
Promote the services with support of VLSOs and SFAs on target basis
Provide all support to Sevika Janasevana Kendram, DLSO, and VLSO & SFA in their line of action
Control SFA's and monitor their functioning on a daily basis
Settle the dues of VLSO, DLSO, SFA and Sevika Janasevana Kendram as per the agreed terms
Collect, deliver and check daily services and reports of SFAs through VLSOs
Requirement for Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) activation
Zeal to Succeed
Ability to give Physical & Mind Support to get good business result to Sevika Janasevana Kendram, DLSO, VLSO and SFA
Furnished and equipped office space with computer, Printer, Scanner and internet access
Willing to undertake aggressive local promotions
Adequate resources to run the day to day operations,
Refer good candidates for field work
Documentation required for Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) activation
Agreement Rs. 100/- stamp paper, duly signed (initials on each page & full sign with company stamp on last page)
Photo Identity ( Any one of these- Voter identity card/Driving license/Passport/pan card)
Address Proof (Any one of these- Ration card/Electricity bill/ Telephone bill/Bank account statement.)
Pan Card Copy (Mandatory)
2 Passport Size photographs
One Reference (Introduction Letter) from Ward Member, Panchayath President
Terms for BLSO Activation
Terms and Condition as per the agreement Rs.100 Stamp Paper with Sevika Janasevana Kendram
Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) shall allot an exclusive zone (Block wise) which is mutually agreed by both the parties as their operational zone. But it shall not restrict the Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) to extent their services outside their exclusive zone where there no other Block Level Sevika Office (BLSO) is functioning with Sevika Janasevana Kendram. Permission.
Proposed Income Potential of Village Level Sevika Office (VLSO)
Become a Franchisee (VLSO)